The Pillars of Successful Coaching

Grid Irons Quick Start System For Coaches

Need a System to start your season?  Put the Grid Iron Quick Start system to work for you.  This system provides an easy to understand color coded system for youth players.  It has also been formatted to fit within the XL100 Player wristbands available for purchase at your league’s main tent. (Make sure that you make adjustments if you have color blind players)

Get your Player’s Flag Belt sized correctly.

Providing coach resources to properly equip our coaches for success with our Game Day Guides!

resourcesPlease contact us if you need a printable guide

  • Know your roster.  Be aware of any expected player absences and how you’ll overcome them.
  • Check your equipment.  It is recommended that you keep the game flags for your teams so they are not lost of left at home on game day.
  • Have several footballs available for practice and warm up
  • Meet your team at least half an hour before game time for warm-up and organizational items.
  • Don’t forget preventive injury.  Get in a pre-game stretch and warm up for the team.
  • Pre-Game equipment check for your athletes.
  • Sportsmanship! – Introduce yourself to the opposing coach and the officials.  Remember to address only the officials during game time and NOT the opposing team.  This will minimize the potential for conflicts.
  • Remember – The players are watching your example so be a good leader, a good coach and a positive influence on their day.
  • Emphasis on the Fun!

Game Day Guide for Players

Please contact us if you need a printable guide

As Coaches, we’d like to recommend that parents keep in mind a few things that will help our players prepare themselves for their football games this season.

  • Get a good night’s sleep– Nothing puts more of a damper on a player’s performance and intensity than having a sleepover with friends the night before a game!
  • Drink plenty of fluids the night before and morning of a game – Muscle cramping is 100% avoidable if you hydrate and stretch out properly.
  • Review your plays– Know what your position is supposed to do. If you need a copy of a playbook or selected plays, ask your Coach.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast– Pop Tarts and a Mountain Dew won’t “dew” it for you in the fourth quarter.
  • Cleats– parents must provide properly fitted, “molded rubber” only cleats”. “Screw-ins”, metal or hard plastic cleats are illegal and will not be allowed on the field. Players with anything but molded rubber cleats will be ejected from the game by the referees and the team will be assessed a 15 yard penalty.
  • Mouth piece– players must have a mouth piece in order to play; we have extras in our kits but bringing an extra molded one to the game (that Mom/Dad holds onto) is a good idea.
  • Pre-game jitters– to be expected, especially for first year players; just let them know they are as prepared as they need to be for the game and no one (Coaches or Teammates) expects more from them than just giving their best effort.
  • Managing expectations– let’s be mindful of how much pressure these kids usually put on themselves and try not to add to that load. Keep in mind that each player will contribute to the game in their own way so their measure of success will be unique – compliments on focus, effort energy and teamwork is a great start!

IMG_8811-200x300Game Day Guide for Parents

  • Mistakes are a part of the game.  Mistakes give the coaches and opportunity to teach and players and opportunity to grow.   There are no scholarships at stake so stay positive and supportive of your athlete.
  • Bring sunscreen for you and your family.
  • Bring lawn chairs so you can pull up a seat in the first row of the action.  Please keep your chairs back 10 feet from the field so that the players, coaches, and officials, have room to navigate the field
  • Bring a positive attitude and support your athlete and your team
  • Enjoy the day!  Have a hot dog, a cold beverage and have some family fun.
  • Help us keep the fields clean and safe by throwing trash in the designated receptacles
  • Celebrate the effort these players give to the game!