Participation Expectation

Registering your child to participate in youth sports means that you are making a commitment to your player, the team and the league

ONE Sports Nation  is driven with a purpose to develop the player for the next level of competition and keep them excited about playing sports.  But as a parent, you’re going to have to be part of that equation.  Sports is like a three legged stool and the parents contribution includes being on time for practice and working with your kids at home.

FAIR Playing Time

In our coaches clinic, we stress the importance of “Fair” playing time.  If a player is attending practice (on-time), and giving a best and focused effort while practicing we would expect that the player has earned fair playing time.  After all, we can’t ask for more than their best. Likewise, if a player is not attending practice, is a disruption at practice or fails to give a best effort, it would be unfair to the rest of the team if that player received equal playing time.  Note the difference between “Fair” and “Equal”?

That being said, Life gets in the way and there will be days that your player can’t make practice or will need to be late.  Most coaches understand that and wouldn’t penalize a player for an occasional miss.

Communicating with your Coach

As a parent, YOU have to be a part of the solution.  If you feel that your player is not receiving FAIR playing time, you should have a calm and rational discussion with the coach so that expectations are clearly known by all parties.  If you need the help of a league commissioner, don’t hesitate to ask, but you’ll have to be willing to be a part of the solution which means that the communication lines will need to be opened up with the coach.  Many times, the coach simply isn’t aware that there is an issue.

Parents, Just Like YOU

ONE Sports Nation is powered by volunteer parents.  Yes, we provide a coach clinic, practice equipment, practice drills and game day strategy, but a parent JUST LIKE YOU has to volunteer to make the program successful.  And its not difficult – every parent should be willing to help their own kid have a great sports experience, that’s the obligation that a parent assumes when you decide to have children.

Without enough coaches, there simply wouldn’t be enough roster spots available.  With rare exception, we can generally find enough parents that are willing to step up and make a 10 week commitment to coach the team.  However, if we are short on coaches, you can expect to receive emails or phone calls from the league in search of volunteers.  It takes the commitment of adults to make any youth sports program happen.

Accountability: Your team is counting on you, and so is the league.

Your player’s team mates and players expect that you will attend practice, learn the plays and be there on game day.  There are limited roster spots available and by taking one of them, that means someone else can’t be on the team.  If players don’t show up to game day, their team may be short and have to forfeit the game, or worse yet, they won’t be able to play the game at all.

The league commissioner goes to considerable effort  to schedule games, organize officials and rent space to provide this game.  When a game is cancelled because of a player shortage, there are two teams that don’t get to have any fun that day…and that’s just not fair to the kids, parents or league staff that have lived up to their commitment to participate.

So when you register for youth sports, make sure you are committed to attend practices and games.  Be a positive influence at the games and help your child learn how to play this sport.