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We stand apart from the competition.

ONE Sports Nation vs. Other Franchises –


ONE Sports Nation is franchising across the nation.  Will you be the next member of our ONE Family?

We take business ownership seriously, – Our membership in the International Franchise Association is proof that we are serious about our business and yours.  We make investments in our system, tools and education to make ONE Sports Nation a leader in business ownership.  We give you a premier opportunity to learn from driven entrepreneurs and to invest in a quality brand for your future.

Lower Start Up  – with less start up dollars required, you’ll keep much more money in your pocket when kicking-off your new league and that means you’ll be profitable in a quicker timeframe.  Our franchise and territory fees are less than what you’ll pay at other youth sports franchises, and our program quality is superior.

Low, Royalty structure, – We charge a lower royalty per player which means you’ll keep more money in your pocket when you fly the ONE Sports Nation banner.  We’ll even show you how to add revenue to your business without paying additional royalty fees! Why – because we can’t fulfill our mission without your financial success.   If you like paying higher royalties, and more fees then you should check out our competitors.

More available territories than the competition – As ONE Sports Nation grows across the country, there are more territories becoming available every day.  We have more to offer, so see if your preferred market is available.

Go Ahead – Compare Us to the competition.  If you want to offer the best youth sports programs and have the best business ownership structure, there is only ONE conclusion you’ll reach… ONE Sports Nation.

Thinking about another industry?  Think Again.  When it comes to business opportunities, the key metrics are ROI (Return on Investment) and Cash Flow.  The Quick Serve Restaurant franchises will give you little of both, and require long hours in a retail store front.   Do the math, you’ll find a superior ROI with ONE Sports Nation and a lucrative cash flow.  Isn’t that why you’re getting into business?

We start by having the best product.

There is a simple reason that ONE Sports Nation is growing faster than other systems, we offer the Best Quality programming with a high level of organization.  We’ve built the best youth sports experience with the whole family in mind.  We’ve individually branded basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, cheerleading and our flagship program, Grid Iron Flag Football.  Each leveraging the professional sports brands that your customers know and love.   That’s the competitive market advantage that we offer our franchisees at ONE Sports Nation.

And then we make it the best value . . .

Ok, so we’ve got the best youth sports product for the customer, what’s next?  We make it the best value for business owners by keeping our franchise fees and royalties low.  You’ll pay 10-14% on Total Gross Revenues in other systems.  With ONE Sports Nation, you’ll keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket and that’s the bottom line.

Ready to get Started? –  We’ll move at your pace.