The Pillars of Successful Coaching

Providing coach resources to properly equip our coaches for success.

Focus on Fundamentals.

Focus on creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere to teach the fundamentals. In the end, a team that has a solid foundation on dribbling, passing, shooting, and playing man to man defense, will win against teams that spent less time on the fundamentals and focused more on the strengths of their raw talents.

The chain is only as strong as its weakest link so develop all of your players. Find one thing that each player does well and build on it. Make them successful at the talents they have in order to build the confidence they need to develop weaker areas of their game. As a coach, if you have developed all of the players on your team there will be no “B” squad and every member of your team will be an offensive and defensive threat.


Fair Playing Time

It is an unwritten rule at ONE Sports Nation that each player has earned an equal share of playing time IF they have come to all of the team practices, worked with focus and equal effort. A player will not develop if they aren’t given the opportunity to play.

HOWEVER, Players that are disruptive at practice, are a discipline issue, don’t show-up and aren’t putting forth an equal team effort should not be rewarded with equal playing time. It would be unfair to the kids that are working hard to give more playing time to a player that isn’t at practice or doesn’t care to participate.

Sports is a privilege, and it is up to the player’s parents to decide if weekly participation is warranted based on the behaviors at home and the academics expected.


 We WANT to Win – But we don’t HAVE to win.

Create a great youth sports experience that will develop the player for their next level of competition and keep them excited about playing sports.  Provide positive encouragement, positive leadership for parents and players, expected discipline and become a role model for your team.   Celebrate the effort, focus and skills development of these young players.

To become a Full Court Legends coach just indicate your interest on your player’s registration form, if you’d like to coach but don’t have a player registered for this season of basketball Contact Us.

Legends’ Quick Start System for Coaches

Need a System to start your season?  Put the Legends Quick Start system to work for you.  This system provides an easy to understand color coded system for youth players. (Make sure that you make adjustments if you have color blind players)

Coming soon…

Game Day Stat Sheet

Basketball Stat Tracker – Use this to measure your player performance and identify areas of improvement

Player Safety

Concussions Fact Sheet

Practicing Skills & Fundamentals

Legends Drive & Outlet Drill
Legends Drive & Outlet Drill 2

Advanced Skills & Fundamentals

High Low Shooting Drill – Advanced

Videos on Skills & Fundamentals