Don’t you want your player to learn the right way?

Full Court Legends vs. other leagues: We teach kids the real game of Basketball


League Certified Coaches and Officials – Our coach certification program is used to promote the focus and philosophy of the Full Court Legends program and a consistent coaching experience focused on player safety and development as an athlete. A coach’s ego has no place in youth sports.

Grow with your team – We believe that kids develop faster when they have consistency.  That’s why we encourage teams (and coaches) to stay together each season.  And we ask our coaches to help other teams develop by sharing their drills and strategies.

NBA game day jerseys – Just like the Pros. All of our leagues are NFL Flag approved which means you’ll be wearing the logos of the pros on game day.

Family Fun! Because having a great time is what youth sports is all about!

Highly Organized – Our entire season schedule is posted before the first game, so you can make family plans outside of youth sports.

To become a Full Court Legends coach just indicate your interest on your player’s registration form, if you’d like to coach but don’t have a player registered for this season of basketball Contact Us.