Parental Code of Conduct

Great Experiences don’t just happen by accident.

At One Sports Nation, we have designed a great program that allows coaches to focus on player development throughout the season without worrying about team standings.  All teams get invited to the end of season tournament, so coaches can focus on developing the best team possible during the regular season.  We wrap this with a family friendly environment and great organization for your youth sports community.

Parents play a key role in the youth sports experience.  Too many parents think that a positive sports experience means winning a lot of games.  But the reality is that a great youth sports experience is about developing the player, playing with friends and fostering competitive fun.  As a parent, don’t spoil your player’s experience by hinging everything on the outcome of the game.  Statistics clearly show that only 50% of the teams will win on game day, and learning how to deal with a loss is part of growing up.

Game Day Code of Conduct

Sports is like a three legged stool, it takes the parent, player and coach to support the best youth sports experience possible.  Be a positive influence on your player’s experience!  The league commissioner will suspend the games and require you to leave the event if you violate the code of conduct.

1. Player Safety: Background Checks for all Head Coaches. Ensuring a safe zone for our players means checking the quality of our volunteer coaches. Our background checks screen all head coach applicants for previous domestic and child related issues before they are allowed to interface with our Grid Iron athletes.

2. Player Development: Coach Certification Requirement  One Sports Nation has implemented a corporate policy that requires all first time One Sports Nation coaches to participate in a coach certification class. The certification includes:

  • Player Safety
  • Misconduct
  • Focus on Player Development
  • Philosophy of creating a positive youth sports experience
  • Practice and Game Day Organization

Although it is our purpose to create a family Entertainment Zone on Game Day, the entire program is a Development Zone to ensure that we are preparing young athletes for the next level of competition while keeping them excited about playing sports.

3. Keeping Kids Excited About Playing Sports: Honoring the game  At One Sports Nation, we have expectations for our players, coaches and parent conduct to ensure the positive youth sports experience for all of our families. What does that mean?

Code of Conduct – Competitive Fun (not winning) – is EVERYTHING

  • Fans only Cheer – Coaches do the Coaching
  • NO Yelling at Officials
  • NO Yelling in Anger
  • NO Swearing
  • NO Smoking
  • Respect the Officials
  • Respect the Coaches
  • Respect the Players

A few other rules we ask that you abide by are that we like to leave our locations as clean as when we left them so we ask that you please leave no trash behind. And, remember, it’s OK to compliment the opposing team or player for great effort!  These are all of our kids.

Thinking about a tackle program?

Grid Iron Flag Football vs. Tackle Programs

  1. Grid Iron minimizes injuries
    Grid Iron is a non-contact league, meaning there is absolutely no tackling or blocking. At the youth sports level, bones are still developing and are not meant for hard contact which is one important reason the NFL promotes NFL Flag. Kids can focus more on the skills development needed to play the game if they are less concerned with getting hit.Concussion (or TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury) affects are just beginning to be understood. The NFL and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) have partnered to educated players, parents and coaches on concussions. Still not convinced? How about this….Is it really worth the risk of Traumatic Brain Injury to play tackle at a young age?
  2. Grid Iron promotes skills development…not fear
    If Kurt Warner had been told as a big kid beginning youth football that he could not play quarterback, and was forced to play as a lineman due to his size he may have dropped out of football like so many other kids in his situation. It’s all about having fun and learning the skills needed before advancing to the next level, whether its youth tackle, high school, collegiate or even pro. Don’t let your player get pigeonholed into being a tackle football lineman where he never gets to touch the football or develop specialty skills.
  3. Grid Iron adds Life Balance to sports for young athletes
    Another benefit of Grid Iron NFL Flag Football League is that the practices are less frequent and far more productive than tackle football practices. There is life outside of football and both players and parents shouldn’t be burdened by going to practice 4-5 nights a week.

There is a time for players to elevate their game to the tackle level, but as a parent, don’t you owe it to your child to let them maximize their skills development before they get hit? Once the fundamentals of the sports become a natural instinct, then introduce the pads and hitting. I don’t know a parent that would throw their kid on a treadmill to teach them to crawl…so why would you take that approach with sports?

Its up to you to make the right decision for your young athlete. Yes, they might want to play tackle, but they would probably want to eat pizza every night for dinner too. At the end of the day it is all about having these kids walk off the field the same way they walked on the field, healthy and happy with an excitement to enjoy this great game.


teaching the fundamentals of football

Grid Iron Flag Football has developed a unique flag football program providing Real Kick Offs, Real Punts, League Certified Coaches and we wrap these around a well organized, family oriented program as an NFL Flag Football member.

The purpose of our programs is to develop the player for the next level of competition, and keep the kids excited about playing sports. We believe that coaches who embrace the ONE Sports Nation philosophy on youth sports will find success in providing fair playing time while fostering the competitive spirit.