Don’t you want your player to learn the right way?

Don’t you want your player to learn the right way?

Grid Iron Flag Football vs. other leagues: We teach kids the real game of Football

Our programs and rules have been developed to mimic those of High School Sports.  Why? Because we believe that when a kid learns how to play sports, they should be taught the right way from the beginning (age appropriate, of course). 

Our programs are designed to improve the individual skill set of the player, and then utilize them in a game / team environment to learn what needs more work, and where good progress is being made.  That’s the difference between a player development model and a city rec league.  The benefits of youth sports are many, when the right approach is engaged.

We believe that raising the bar on the quality of adult leadership in youth sports is a pretty darn good place to start.  That’s why we require all first time head coaches in our programs to complete a ONE Sports Nation coach certification camp that addresses:

1. Our Focus and Philosophy on youth sports
2. Player Safety
3. Our Player Development Model
4. Practice & Game Day organization
5. Coach Resources
6. Positive Coaching Techniques

Grow with your team –

We believe that kids develop faster when they have consistency.  That’s why we encourage teams (and coaches) to stay together each season.  And we ask our coaches to help other teams develop by sharing their drills and strategies.

We also background check our head coaches in the interest of our participants safety.

Awesome Game Day Experience - Best in the Industry
Our Field Sport Programs offer Huge Team Tents, team banners, team benches, family fun atmosphere, game day music, code of conduct (enforced), food vendors (varies by location), main tent customer service.

Pro - Branded Uniforms from NFL Flag
Fun and Quality is what ONE Sports Nation is all about.  That’s why our players get AWESOME game day uniforms as part of their registration fee.  Our players will wear the jerseys of the pros so they look and feel like champion on game day.

End of Season Tournaments
All teams participate in an end of season tournament.  Regardless of how the team has performed during their regular season games, every team is invited to participate in the single elimination end of season tournament.  Its how we let the kids experience competition after they’ve had a chance to develop their skills sets.  Check Program details to learn more.

Coach Experience for Parents
For those Parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles and older siblings that enjoy working with kids, we provide an opportunity for you to become a coach!  Its one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, and we’ll get you started off on the right foot.  Our programs provide

1. a Commissioner led, sport specific coach clinic (required for all first time coaches),
background checks,
3. coach bag of practice equipment (please return it at the end of your season)
4. practice plans and
5. game day strategies

We help you become the best coach you can be. 

We are powered by volunteer coaches, so if you have the passion for coaching, let us help you get started.



The Grid Iron Flag Football program has been designed with the next level of competition in mind.  Unlike other flag football programs, ours is intentional designed to give every player the opportunity to be a playmaker, and teach them the football skills they’ll need to be successful as they prepare for the next level of competition, be it recreational or competitive. What does that mean for your player?

Our rules have been developed with guidance directly from High School and College football standards.  Here are just a few examples of how the Grid Iron Flag Football experience is better for your player’s athletic development:

The Forward Pass.  In Grid Iron Flag Football, a forward pass is any pass that advances the ball beyond the QB’s front foot. 

In other Program Rules, a forward pass must travel beyond the line of scrimmage, making it incompatible with standard football rules.

QB Scrambles.  In Grid Iron Flag Football, a QB may run the ball if the defense rushes…even when the ball is in the no-run zone.

In other programs, the QB is ineligible to run if rushed.  This teaches a kid bad fundamentals in the event of a rush.  Football programs should teach the scramble…like Grid Iron.

Punts & Kick-Offs.  Special Teams is an important and FUN part of football…that’s why we include them in our youth sport experience.

In Grid Iron Flag Football, our program rules include kick-offs at the start of every half, and after every score.  Punting is an option on 4th downs.

In other programs, Punts and Kick-Offs are excluded, so players that advance to tackle will have no experience with these special teams skills - unless they play with us!

League Certified Coaches and Officials – Our coach certification program is used to promote the focus and philosophy of the Grid Iron program and a consistent coaching experience focused on player safety and development as an athlete. A coach’s ego has no place in youth sports.

Game Day Music, Concessions and Family Fun! Because having a great time is what youth sports is all about!

Highly Organized – Our entire season schedule is posted before the first game, so you can make family plans outside of youth sports.

To become a coach just indicate your interest on your player’s registration form, if you’d like to coach but don’t have a player registered for this season of football contact us by filling out the form below.

Thinking about a tackle program?

Grid Iron Flag Football vs. Tackle Programs

  1. Grid Iron minimizes injuries
    Grid Iron is a non-contact league, meaning there is absolutely no tackling or blocking. At the youth sports level, bones are still developing and are not meant for hard contact which is one important reason the NFL promotes NFL Flag. Kids can focus more on the skills development needed to play the game if they are less concerned with getting hit.Concussion (or TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury) affects are just beginning to be understood. The NFL and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) have partnered to educated players, parents and coaches on concussions. Still not convinced? How about this….Is it really worth the risk of Traumatic Brain Injury to play tackle at a young age?
  2. Grid Iron promotes skills development…not fear
    If Kurt Warner had been told as a big kid beginning youth football that he could not play quarterback, and was forced to play as a lineman due to his size he may have dropped out of football like so many other kids in his situation. It’s all about having fun and learning the skills needed before advancing to the next level, whether its youth tackle, high school, collegiate or even pro. Don’t let your player get pigeonholed into being a tackle football lineman where he never gets to touch the football or develop specialty skills.
  3. Grid Iron adds Life Balance to sports for young athletes
    Another benefit of Grid Iron NFL Flag Football League is that the practices are less frequent and far more productive than tackle football practices. There is life outside of football and both players and parents shouldn’t be burdened by going to practice 4-5 nights a week.

There is a time for players to elevate their game to the tackle level, but as a parent, don’t you owe it to your child to let them maximize their skills development before they get hit? Once the fundamentals of the sports become a natural instinct, then introduce the pads and hitting.I don’t know a parent that would throw their kid on a treadmill to teach them to crawl…so why would you take that approach with sports?

Its up to you to make the right decision for your young athlete. Yes, they might want to play tackle, but they would probably want to eat pizza every night for dinner too. At the end of the day it is all about having these kids walk off the field the same way they walked on the field, healthy and happy with an excitement to enjoy this great game.