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Join the fastest growing youth sports franchise.
Start your business now.

Work for yourself!

Do you like the higher success rate that a proven system offers?

Follow your passion…

Start a Youth Sports Franchise!

We are raising the bar on youth sports experiences and youth sports franchises, and offering you an opportunity to own your own business in the thriving youth sports industry. Our system offers the Best Quality for customers and Best Investment for entrepreneurs.

Are you searching for more information on a youth sports franchise because you want to run your own business… And make money doing what you love?

If so, then your a lot like us. Scott & Bonnie started One Sports Nation to raise the bar in youth sports experiences. As a coach and parent, we simply couldn’t understand why existing youth sports leagues were so poorly organized – so we set out to make our community better. And now we are helping other aspiring business owners become leaders in their community. Our first franchise owner started his ONE Sports Nation with a part time effort as he continued to work his primary job. But after just 9 months of operating his ONE Sports Nation franchise, he left his job and pursued his passion full time. Today he owns 2 locations and serves hundreds of families every season doing what he loves. He enjoys the financial freedom and lifestyle that business ownership offers, you can too.

Visit to get details on how you can own the top youth sports concept and build a lifestyle of fun and games.

So a few more questions…
Do you want to work for yourself?
Do you like the higher success rate that a proven system offers?

If the answers are Yes, and Yes, ONE Sports Nation may be the right opportunity for you. What’s waiting for you is:

  • best youth sports programming in the industry
  • great income potential
  • A protected territory
  • Virtual Classroom and On-Site training
  • On-going business operations, marketing and strategy support
  • Customized website for each sports program
  • A marketing game plan and toolkit waiting for you to launch…

Oh, and the founders will be working with you, side by side to get you started. That’s personal service you can count on.

Why is this such a great Opportunity?

Proven Profitability – Powered by E-Commerce. The ONE Sports Nation youth sports franchise system was built from the ground up. We have built and run our own franchise locations and know what it takes to be successful.

Two items that drain any new business venture is lack of time and lack of money. We’ve eliminated the costly start-up mistakes that you’d likely make without our guidance, and absorbed costly web development expenses. With ONE, your business start up costs are minimized and your time to market will be quick! With an e-commerce revenue platform, you’ll be making sales without the store front, twenty-four hours per day.

Lowest Start-Up Costs in the Industry. With the ONE Sports Nation franchise system, we’ll guide you in business operations with no retail store front to maintain and no real estate to own. Your business will be quick and nimble with an on-the-go, mobile equipment trailer. You’ll serve hundreds if not thousands of customers per year with small COGS (cost of goods sold). Go ahead – Compare us to the competition below, you’ll find the best value for starting a business in the youth sports industry is with ONE Sports Nation!

Exclusive Territories. As a ONE Sports Nation Franchisee, you’ll be receiving a generous protected territory for your events which means no competition from your ONE Sports Nation compadres. Our customers choose the locations that work best for them, so marketing can extend beyond the limits of your territory in order to reach customers that have specific location requirements.

Earning Potential starts from a Cash Positive position. How many businesses can you think of where your customer pays you in full up front to deliver a service in the future? At ONE Sports Nation, you’ll be collecting your revenue first, and then budgeting your expenses throughout the season to deliver the customer’s experience. We call that working from a cash positive position because you don’t need business lines of credit or huge inventories to delivery your service. There are very few business models that provide this type of financial liquidity.

Your franchise earning potential is truly dependent on your efforts. A ONE Sports Nation franchise is a complete system for success providing all of the tools necessary to help you thrive. How aggressively you market, how many sports and venues you offer each season, and the quality of the programs you provide, all determine how big your franchise earning potential can be.

Independence. As ONE Sports Nation franchisee, you’re receiving the flexibility to set your own prices to meet your demographic needs. You also have the opportunity to add income streams to your business without paying additional royalty fees – and We’ll show you how!

FRANCHISE DISCLAIMER: This franchise information is not an offer by us or by anyone acting on our behalf, or with our knowledge to residents of Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington or Wisconsin.

Nor is it specifically directed to any person in (nor will any franchise or business opportunity be sold or located in) states of Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington or Wisconsin UNTIL the franchise has been duly registered per requirements of that state.

Results Vary. The success of your individual youth sports franchise will depend largely upon your individual abilities and dedicated application of our system standards.