Full Court Legends Frequently Asked League Questions

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions we receive concerning our leagues.  If you’re looking for franchise opportunities, please visit our franchise section.

Registration Questions

  • NBA reversible Game Jersey (with league assigned number)
  • 8 scheduled games* (first round of the end of season tournament included)
  • End of season tournament trophy or effort medal (only age division tournament champions receive a trophy), based on league location
  • All team practices

Available for additional cost are matching NBA shorts, team (or individual) photos, Full Court Legends Gear, name on back of jersey.

*Unfortunately many of our gyms are rented from school districts that have priority over scheduling, so although we will schedule games during the season, we can not guarantee that the schools will not cancel our reservations.  We will make best efforts to accommodate changes in schedule in the event that our gym reservations are impacted by the school scheduling.

Full Court Legends has had to adopt a no-refund policy. When you sign up for our league we are expecting your full commitment to participate.   We build rosters throughout the registration process and order your size specific player equipment after you register.  We are counting on your participation because there are a limited number of roster spots on each team –  If for some reason your player is not able to participate, we will remove them from the assigned team and provide your jersey, but we can not issue a refund or credit.

Yes! – At ONE Sports Nation  – the earlier you register for our programs, the more you can save. Early registrations not only secure your roster position, it helps the league commissioner plan for the upcoming season and we reward you for that patronage with a discounted rate. The best player rate of the season will always by on the opening day of the preceding season. Stop by our Game Day or register on-line!

Once you register, you’ll receive a confirmation from the league. There is a significant amount of planning and organization to prepare for the upcoming season. You should hear from the league or coach at least 3 weeks ahead of the first scheduled game. If you have any concerns – feel free to call the league commissioner via the phone number provided on YOUR league’s website, or through the “Contact Us” page for YOUR League.  Each league is individually owned and operated so make sure you visit YOUR league to make contact with the commissioner.

Weekly league email communications are sent throughout the season.  Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up to date on league activity.

Great! – We love the opportunity to teach the game of basketball to a new player.  The Full Court Legends philosophy is to “offer competitive fun with the focus on developing players for their next level of competition while keeping them excited about playing sports.”  Our player development model will help your coach teach the fundamentals needed to develop your players skills within your age division.  Be sure to work with your player at home too!

Your player is age eligible for the season based on the their age on opening day.

For example, if you player is age 8 on the opening game day of the season, he/she is eligible for the 8U age division.  Your player may celebrate an 9th birthday on the following day, but is age eligible for the season based on the their age on opening day.

Players are allowed to “play-up” an age division if you feel they are ready for the next level of competition, but NEVER down – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Age Divisions are as follows:

6U (6 & Under)

8U (8 & Under)

10U (10 & Under)

12U (12 & Under)

15U (15 & Under)

On rare occasion the league may have to play a younger age division up to the next age division in order to provide more variety of teams.  If that is necessary, the league will balance the ages on each team so no team is lopsided.  Example: if there are not enough teams in the 6U age division we may play those ages up to 8U and make sure that there are equal amounts of ages on each team.  This is not a common practice within our ONE Sports Nation leagues.

Your player may receive a slightly larger player equipment size than ordered due to inventory levels with our suppliers.  We will do our very best to supply you with the size ordered but in some instances it is not possible.  It is always better to go up in size rather than down in size.

NBA Jersey / Short Size Chart

General Questions

All Full Court Legends locations are independently owned and operated under the One Sports Nation brand. For information on your specific league, please contact your league commissioner.

The coaches will receive all game day equipment from the league and distribute them prior to your first game.

Yes – all players need to submit a birth certificate to the league office to prove age division eligibility. All birth certificates are kept on file so you’ll only need to submit the proof on your first enrollment.

Parents/fans are not entitled to see another player's birth certificate, that is a violation of our privacy policy and requests for age verification will not be honored.  Age eligibility is the sole responsibility of the league commissioner.

Once teams are formed and released to the coaches, we can not make a team change without a fee. The reason for the fee is that once players are placed on a team, that teams jerseys are ordered and can not be returned.  The fee will be determined by the league at the time of change.

Practice schedules will be largely influenced by the coaches availability to conduct practice.  When you register to participate in a ONE Sports Nation Program, you are making a 10 week (+/-) commitment to participate.

You can note any personal schedule conflicts at the time of your registration and we’ll do our best to accommodate you, unfortunately we can’t guarantee that your requests can be met.  There are hundreds of events for hundreds of families – we simply can’t accommodate everyone’s unique schedule.  Life Happens – its okay to miss an occasional game or practice if you have a conflict.

Practice & Game Days

Practices are determined by each league and availability of basketball facilities.  Typically practices are held in the evening during the week.

We can not answer this question until your player is placed on a team and your coach contacts you. The league provides a facility for 10 - 60 minute practices per team.  Practices typically begin 1-2 weeks prior to the first game.  Sometimes your team may have 2 league provided practices per week, depending on the rental facility.  Additional practices above the 10 practices provided by the league are solely in the discretion of the coach and based upon the availability of a suitable facility.

The game schedule for the entire season will be posted on YOUR league’s website the week before the season starts.  This will allow you to make plans around your basketball commitment.

Game Length:
four 8 minute quarters 6U, 8U, 10U & 12U divisions

four 10 minute quarters 15U & 18U divisions

We allow 60 minutes for each game to be played.  Game times vary by location and venue availability – contact your league commissioner for more info.

The league commissioner will post the season schedule at least one week prior to opening game day. The availability of the schedule will be communicated to all current players. Be sure to sign up for the weekly league communication to keep current on league activity, discounts and promotions.

Yes, Of course! – 65% of all youth athletes participate in sports because they want to be with their friends. However, be sure to register early because there is a limited number of roster positions for each team. We will do our best to accommodate coach and friend requests but can not guarantee requests due to roster limitations.

Yes – Full Court Legends is powered by volunteer coaches. We require all first time Full Court Legends coaches to complete the league coach certification to instill the focus philosophy of our program, and provide valuable resources to get you started. Full Court Legends provides all coaches a coach practice bag for your use during the season (a $100 value).

At ONE Sports Nation programs, we expect our players, coaches and parents to abide by our code of conduct and support the entire youth sports community.

The OFFICIALS are the only ones that make the calls on game day and your admission to OUR event does not include the right to yell at or argue with our officials.  If your behavior at OUR event is deemed inappropriate, you may be warned or asked to leave the event.  Failure to do so WILL result in penalties to your team, up to and including game forfeiture.  We do not tolerate poor behavior on the sidelines.

This program is for the kids.

Once you have selected which of our ONE Sports Nation leagues is closest to you, scroll to the bottom of league page to find your game day location.

Sometimes we find it necessary to schedule travel games with a neighboring ONE Sports Nation league to provide competition and variety depending on the amount of teams in each age division.

League Commissioners will not know if there will be travel games for your team until the schedule is published one week prior to the first game day.  Game schedules will reflect travel games and the game location.  Travel games are typically less than 20 miles away from your HOME game location.

We do our very best to keep travel games to a minimum if they are necessary.  You can rest assured you will get the same program at our other ONE Sports Nation leagues, just a different game day location.