Volley Up Volleyball

Program Description

VolleyUP is a program designed specifically for those that want a club level volleyball experience without the time and financial commitment of volleyball clubs. VolleyUP is designed for Co-Ed players of all ages to be a competitive fun program for those that aren’t ready for a club sport commitment.

Learn the game, Play the game, Enjoy the game and serve up a great youth sports experience with VolleyUP!

What’s Included

Program Value

Your player gets a game day jersey that they keep, all scheduled games, weekly indoor practices, and a trophy or medal at the end of the season. That’s an incredible entertainment value! In addition, you’ll get the family fun atmosphere of our game day as you watch your player have a great youth sports experience. Take some photos, and share them on social media. Compare the cost of league registration with a family trip to the movie theater for one night and you’ll quickly see that participation in our youth sports programs really stretches your entertainment value for your family, and gives your child all the benefits that youth sports participation offers.


A full season of VolleyUp league play includes eight scheduled games consisting of 7 regular season games and your first round playoff game in the end of season tournament. All teams are invited to participate in the end of season tournament regardless of regular season performance. Our program is designed to promote player development through the regular season games so that each team has developed to their season potential for the end of season tournament.

Everyone plays in VolleyUp league play, and our coaches are encouraged to provide fair playing time for every player that attends practice, gives their best effort and is focused during the games and practice regardless of the player’s talent or ability.

Competitive play with a focus on winning is reserved for OSN Tournament Series programs only.


Practice frequency, days, time and location are determined by the league and the practice rental facility. For additional Information, please visit our FAQs.


Game Schedule Info

All regular season game schedules for the entire season are created by the commissioner and shared with participant families approximately one week prior to Season launch via our online Schedules and Standings page. This will allow each family to make plans outside of sports during the season. Tournament games are determined by season standings, so those game times can only be shared following the end of the regular season once the teams are seeded for the tournament.

Game Locations and Season Details can be viewed by clicking the “Register Now” button on the league page.


Our Coaches are background checked and we require all first time VolleyUp coaches to complete our league coach certification that emphasizes our youth sports focus and philosophy, reviews safety curriculum, provides practice and game day organization, rules review and coach resources.

In addition, VolleyUp provides each certified head coach with an equipment bag for their use during the season that includes the basics needed to coach our teams.

VolleyUp is powered by volunteer coaches and we encourage your participation with your child.

There are many benefits to coaching. You’ll be choosing the team name, you’ll get a practice bag of equipment and the joy of coaching young players, including your own.

Age Divisions

For Co-Ed ages 8-16. Age divisions: 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U. Players can always Play Up an age division but never down. There are no exceptions. Our Age cut-off is seasonal, not annual like other companies. This seasonal cut-off approach ensures that players progress to the next age division preserving the youth sports experience for the age eligible players in each age division. Annual age cut-offs only serve to allow older players to dominate an age division.

Trying to keep your team together but some players have aged out? No Problem, just have the whole team play up to the next age division.

Player Development Model

The VolleyUp Volleyball program rules have been developed to mimic high school volleyball as closely as possible with due consideration for age appropriate skills, court dimensions and sports equipment size. We believe in teaching kids the right way to play sports so that kids don’t have to relearn game rules at a later time. Everything about our rules and program structure is intentional, with many years of experience and game day testing to ensure the right approach to developing the players.

Our Coach Certification provides age appropriate guidance for skill development with suggested practice routines and available coach resources.